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Step into Sparkling Pool Services – Where Your Pool Sparkles with Brilliance! Entrust your pool's care to our team of experts, specializing in maintenance, cleaning, repair, and renovation. Immerse yourself in our realm of immaculate pools and allow us to nurture your aquatic sanctuary.

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Enjoying your swimming pool starts with proper maintenance. Pool maintenance includes the pool water, the pool interior, the pool filtration system, the pool’s circulation, and the pool skimmer and return.

Pool Water. Keeping your pool water clean is an important part of pool maintenance. This is the part that touches not only your skin but also the skin of others. So, you want to make sure that it is free from debris, contaminants, and other things that make your pool gross.

Pool Interior. When the pool interior is not at its best neither is the rest of your pool. You want to eradicate algae growth that has been keeping your pool from having the inviting look you desire. If your pool has been stained or been sitting green for a while, acid washes can make a big difference with your pool finish. 

Pool Filtration System. The filtration system is the single most important part of the pool system. Ideally, you should run your pump for about 8-12 hours per day. Doing this helps the water run through the filter to trap unwanted contaminants and particles. If your filter is not doing its job, it may need repair or replacement.

You should also backwash your filter element to keep it clean. What backwashing does is clean your filter element by water being reversed through the element directly into the waste line. Be sure to check your filter for directions for the backwashing schedule. 

Pool Circulation. Running the pump also leads to having better pool circulation which helps prevent much of the above from causing you problems with your pool. Having good pool circulation helps to mix and disperse any added chemicals throughout your pool’s system. If your pump isn’t working properly, we do all types of pump repair and replacement. Together with your filtration system, the pump is what keeps the pool looking good.    

Pool Skimmer and Return. The pool skimmer is not the same as the net skimmer, though both are important for your pool’s health. This pool skimmer is a cleaning tool that pulls the water into the filter for cleaning while the return pushes the clean water back into the pool.  

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