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Step into Sparkling Pool Services – Where Your Pool Sparkles with Brilliance! Entrust your pool's care to our team of experts, specializing in maintenance, cleaning, repair, and renovation. Immerse yourself in our realm of immaculate pools and allow us to nurture your aquatic sanctuary.

Providing Peace Of Mind, One Home At A Time, Since 1989!

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Pool cleaning after
pool cleanup before
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Timer Settings

In this video, David shows how to set, adjust and control the time of day your swimming pool pump and cleaner pump will start and stop.

Bucket Tests For Leaks

In this video, David shows how to do the bucket-test to determine whether or not you have a leak in your swimming pool.

Determine Proper Water Level

In this video, David shows how to determine the proper water level for your pool, how to drain your pool and how to determine the filter type you have.

Aqua Fox Client Reviews

Good morning Stephanie, Thank you so much for the picture! This is very helpful. I just spoke with Justin and got all the information I needed to make the decision if we are going to buy it or not. He is a great employee and along with Robert, we are extremely happy with all of your service with our pool.

Becky Brown  

Thank you (and Robert) for letting me know. He’s been great, by the way! I’m so glad we switched to you guys! 

Lina H

The water is your friend…you don’t have to fight with water, just share the same spirit as the water, and it will help you move.

-Alexandr Popov